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The Intellicam® from HRS is a new way of capturing site incursions, customer confrontations or any other activity in and around a work site, giving workers an extra layer of protection and providing stakeholders with specific, relevant data and evidence when needed.


Key benefits

Triggered by motion sensors and detectors, Intellicam® captures video footage of a breach to the site. The technology within the camera automatically clips the footage to provide a high-definition recording of the activity before, during and after the event.

Additional site security

Intellicam® is part of a range of solutions that HRS has developed which protects road workers and is designed to enhance the Intellicone® Incursion Prevention Warning System (IIPAWS). HRS solutions can work independently of each other or, for enhanced work zone safety and security, can be linked and work together.

For example, Intellicam® can link to HRS Intellicone® Portable Site Alarms, Closure Beacons or IIPAWS system which are proven to provide digital security around work zones. The sensors and alarms in these systems will trigger visible and audible alarms which alert workers if a site has been breached, giving them time to take evasive action.

If a site is breached, the sensors will activate Intellicam® and a recording will be created which will be date- and time-stamped and stored securely to be used to fact-check the activity or to be used as evidence if required. Supported by CCTV signage, Intellicam® also acts as a deterrent to members of the public who may consider breaching the site.

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Intelliframe® case study

Gas Transportation Company (GTC)

When GTC needed to implement a road closure for a 6-week period whilst they installed gas supply to a new housing development, they turned to Class One to provide Scotland’s first digital traffic management solution using Intelliframe®. By installing 36 Intelliframes® across the road closure, it allowed GTC to minimise the number of site maintenance visits while at the same time ensuring the safety of its workers, road users and local residents.

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