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Real-time warnings of taper strikes and incursions


The award-winning Intellicone® Smart Taper from HRS is a traffic management planning tool and a work-zone safety system which improves road space management as well as road user and road worker safety.

The Intellicone Smart Taper, winner of the CIHT 2018 Innovation award, puts an additional layer of remote protection around traditional, physical traffic management systems which keeps both road users and road workers safe.

The Intellicone Smart Taper is flexible, responsive and is designed to adapt to any situation where tapers or road closures are necessary.

Key benefits

Road safety

While routine manual inspections provide a level of safety and reassurance, the risk remains that cone strikes could remain undetected for a significant period of time.

The Intellicone Smart Taper uses digital technology to provide instant notification of taper strikes and work-zone incursions allowing traffic management teams to respond quickly and effectively and reinstate traffic management measures without delay.


The Intellicone Smart Taper automates communications with the relevant groups to minimise errors and ensure everyone involved in or impacted by the project is fully aware of what is happening.

The Intellicone Smart Taper also provides a communication channel to road users to ensure that they are provided with up-to-date information.


The Intellicone Smart Taper has the ability to transform traffic management processes, from road space management to maintenance regimes. This automated system will integrate seamlessly with existing equipment and traffic management installations to provide real-time data to improve on site efficiency.

It facilitates real-time mapping of first sign, taper and end sign to produce accurate information around on and off times, working window and length of closure. Using this data, planners can improve road space management and control room operations.


Download the Intellicone® Smart Taper product sheet (PDF) to find out more  

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