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Remote management of speed restrictions and traffic flow


The award-winning Dynamic Speed Sign from HRS is a new way of managing speed restrictions and traffic flow. It is a remotely controlled speed sign which will change from 40mph to 50 or 60mph depending on work-zone activity. It allows traffic to flow freely when works are not taking place and imposes speed restrictions as required.

Key benefits

New ways of working

Traditionally, speed signs are placed in and around work-zones at the beginning of the project and removed at the end. Reduced speeds are imposed for the duration of the works whether or not workers are present and limits can only be changed manually by operatives.

Dynamic Speed Signs have changed this. Using digital technology, the new signs can automatically change to display 40, 50 or 60mph according to the works programme. This removes the need for operatives to physically change signs which keeps them safe. It also allows traffic to flow freely at 60mph when works are stopped, minimising disruptions and improving journey times.

The signs are linked to a control system which monitors them in real-time. When a speed change is requested the system will check that all signs are connected and will authorise and action a simultaneous speed change.

Dynamic Speed Sign in action

Dynamic Speed Signs have been successfully deployed at a number of work-zones since their launch in England.

Since summer 2019, Dynamic Speed Signs have been deployed on SMP schemes including M6, M20, M23, and M62, enabling over 3,000 speed changes and making it possible to open additional lane capacity to improve traffic flows.

In December 2020, over 85 signs were deployed on the M4 which enabled 60mph running between junctions 10 and 12 throughout the 2020 Christmas period.

They have been used successfully between M4 junctions 11 and 12 since February 2020.

Since their launch in summer 2019, Dynamic Speed Signs have successfully operated for more than 1.5 million hours across the UK motorway network.

Industry recognition

Dynamic Speed Signs have been recognised within the industry as a “true example of innovation and collaboration”. They were named Product of the Year 2021 by Highways Awards and were also highly commended by the Chartered Institute of Highways Transportation (CIHT) Road Safety Awards in 2020, just months after their launch. The CIHT Road Safety Awards celebrate outstanding achievements which improve road user safety through excellent practice, design and technical application.


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